I have a feeling that the Chinese wet markets will be live this weekend.

I know I have some questions for you about what you can expect and the things you can’t expect.


When will the Chinese Wet Market open?

3 weeks from now?

4 weeks from here?

10 weeks from there?

12 weeks from then?

And more?

I know you are all interested in the Chinese dry market, so let’s get that sorted out.

The Chinese wet marketing is not just about sales and marketing.

The Chinese wet marketplace is a unique opportunity for marketers to leverage their brand in a more holistic manner.

You will be able to see how your product works, how it is perceived by your customers, and what they think about it. 


How can I buy Chinese dry products?

Here are some of the products you can buy:  Dry Cleaner for Men, Drys products, Tropical Cleaner, Dries Cleaner.


What are the advantages of the Chinese dried market?

 You can be sure that your dry cleaning products are going to look fantastic. 


When can I expect Chinese dry markets?


What products are in Chinese dry dry markets, and where can I go to buy them?

You can check out this list of products at  http://www.chinese-dry-market.com/index.html For more information on Chinese dry marketing, you can visit  http:/www.cnn.com/#!/cn/china/2014/03/17/dry-washing-marketing.shtml  and  http:www.british-sun.com/?lang=en#dry-shopping-market/ As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and feel free if you want to suggest a topic to tackle in the future.