Fulton Fish market, the oldest fish market in Georgia, is closing.

The Fulton Fish and Game Commission announced that the market, which was located on the city’s northwest side, would close Dec. 10.

The fish market’s longtime owner, Robert Lee Lewis, said he has decided to retire from running the market.

He will continue to run the business as the owner of a private company, and will be working as a consultant for the commission, according to a release.

The market was owned by the Lewis family since the 1930s and was known for its fresh seafood.

It closed on July 20, 2020, but had remained open for more than 30 years.

A new fish market is planned for the next few years, and Lewis said he plans to continue to bring fresh fish to the market to continue serving people.

“This will be a one-stop shop for all the freshest fish, fresh veggies, and meats that we have, and the market is going to remain open as long as we have the fish,” he said.

“We have an incredible local and national reputation.” “

The market’s closure comes amid a larger trend in Georgia to turn local businesses into private businesses. “

We have an incredible local and national reputation.”

The market’s closure comes amid a larger trend in Georgia to turn local businesses into private businesses.

The Georgia Supreme Court in October ruled that the state’s ban on municipal land use is unconstitutional, and in September the Georgia House voted to eliminate a state law that required local governments to sell their property for redevelopment.

The decision came as a result of the legal challenges that the Georgia Public Service Commission faced in trying to sell its property.

“There are a number of local governments in our state that have been operating without an ownership or control, and I think this has really exacerbated that,” said Rep. Jason Ellis (R-Jackson).

Ellis, a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, said that in the past year, more than $7 million worth of public lands and facilities have been sold to private developers.

“It’s the largest amount of public land ever sold,” he added.

The sale of public properties in Georgia has been under intense scrutiny since the passage of the Land Use Code in 2015.

In 2018, the House voted in favor of a resolution calling for a review of the code and the state law prohibiting municipal land uses.

That resolution, which failed to pass the state Senate, would have required local municipalities to sell land for redevelopment or redevelopment projects.

In February 2019, the Georgia Supreme State Court ruled in favor the local governments that challenged the Land Code.

The court said the state constitution does not prohibit a local government from selling land for use as a municipal business.

The case, the Lively vs. County of Fulton, is now before the state Supreme Court.

In January, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the Fulton County Commission voted to sell a parking lot for a development to the developer.

The developer is planning to build a hotel, restaurant, and grocery store on the property.

The developers plans to build on a piece of land owned by Fulton County, but the land is owned by a nonprofit that supports the development, according the AJC.

The property is owned under the state-owned and privately-held National Historic Landmark.