If you’ve ever tried to buy a new smartphone in China, you’ve probably seen the same deal: you’ll get a cheaper one in return, usually by using a coupon code.

For instance, you could buy a $400 Huawei P10 smartphone for $100 on Chinese mobile store Taobao.

But the same phone, with a discount code, would go for $70, or less than half the price.

It’s a trick, says David R. Boulton, senior vice president of sales at KGI Securities.

“You can’t go around using the same coupon code that everybody else is using.

If you’re not going to use it on other places, then it’s a way to get you into a bargain,” he says.

He says it’s an effective way to make sure you don’t miss out on deals.

To find a better deal, you can try using a different code, such as one from a retailer’s website.

The trickiest part is to get the code.

Boudreau says some of the best deals have a code embedded in the device.

But that can be tricky to spot because the code may be a mix of Chinese and American symbols.

You’ll also need to try a variety of online retailers to make an informed decision.

Be sure to try the retailer’s terms and conditions first, to make the most of the offers.