By Laura Hitt November 25, 2017 9:25:11When the first home sales in October hit record highs, many Canadians were stunned to discover they were looking at the end of an era.

With the housing market in free fall, the biggest selling point of the home market has been the affordability of home ownership.

Now, there is an increasing recognition that the market may not last forever and that a more flexible, less fixed housing market may be the way forward.

With a record number of foreclosures and home sales, the country is on pace for a record high number of mortgage defaults.

The impact of the economic recession on home prices and prices in general have been immense.

With home prices soaring, some Canadians are worried that this will cause a housing bubble to burst.

While the global economic downturn may have made the U.S. economy stronger, many are starting to question whether the Canadian economy can sustain such a large downturn.

The market has a lot to prove, but the recent plunge in the housing markets has the potential to bring about another housing bubble.

What is a housing market bubble?

Home sales are a form of speculation in which an investor sells a house or other assets for a large price tag, usually in the form of a mortgage.

When interest rates rise, this price increases, but once the rate falls, the buyer then sells the property at a loss.

While there are some exceptions to this rule, the vast majority of homes sold in Canada are either for sale or for rent, and this can be interpreted as a bubble.

As a result, the price of a home can be very volatile.

The value of a house has risen significantly in the past few years, and it has been on a steady climb.

This means that a home has a high chance of being bought at a high price or sold at a low price.

This has led to a lot of speculation and speculation is not just happening in Canada.

It has also been happening in the U and U.K.

While this may be happening in different countries, it is common in the United States and Australia as well.

What are some of the reasons for a housing price bubble?

As we have mentioned, a house can have a large amount of value.

The amount of money an investor has invested in a home is very important in determining the price a home will sell for.

In a home with lots of value, it can be difficult for the buyer to pay back the loan, and the seller’s equity can be valuable too.

In fact, it was estimated in the UK that a typical home with an average value of over $2 million had a value of $3.3 million.

While some people have speculated that the U