An SEO agency is the best place to start for any online marketing marketing campaign, says a new study by Avante Marketing.

Avantec, a leading SEO agency, says it was the best way to achieve results for its clients, as they could access the same content, be targeted and deliver it with the best of both worlds.

A key benefit of working with an agency, Avantech said, was that it allowed the client to have a clear, structured and well-targeted strategy.

“Our clients were able to focus on the right aspects of the strategy, while still allowing us to provide them with the data and analytics they need,” Avanteca’s head of marketing Michael D. Biederman said.

“As a result, we were able get results faster than if we had been running our own agency.”

Mr Dementerman said that clients were also able to get value out of their campaigns using Avantes tools, which included: The latest and most advanced online content marketing and SEO tools