A new crypto market cap report has revealed the cryptocurrency market cap for 2018 to be $9,876 billion.

The data was compiled by Crypto Research.

This new cryptocurrency market was first revealed by CoinDesk.

Crypto Research reported on Monday that the crypto market is now valued at $10,942 billion.

This is an increase of 2,973% since last year.

The top five crypto market caps are:The top 10 are:1.

Cryptocurrency Market Cap (USD) $11,638,738.2.

Crypto Market Share (USD, ETH) 5,054,903.3.

Crypto Share (ETH) 8,839,924.4.

Crypto Coin Market Cap $8,846,988.5.

Cryptokitties Crypto Marketcap (USD and ETH) $5,919,939.6.

Crypto Cap (EUR) $1,902,837.7.

Crypto Marketshare (USD & ETH) 0.00238880.8.

Cryptoworld Crypto Market cap (USD – ETH) -0.00031008.9.

Cryptos Market Cap Growth Rate (USD per day) 2.944%The biggest crypto market was Ethereum, which is valued at about $8.5 billion.

Bitcoin is still valued at around $8 billion.

Cryptocurrency markets are often valued based on what companies are doing with the cryptocurrency.

But with Crypto Research’s report, it was also able to identify companies that are actively developing and developing.

Cryptomarket is a cryptocurrency trading platform.

It allows cryptocurrency traders to buy and sell digital currencies.

It was founded in January 2016 and is headquartered in London, England.

The company is also known as Digital Asset Holdings and was valued at £7 billion at the time of its launch.