China’s online shopping spree has been a boon for the country’s economy, but a new study suggests that some people are buying ads to make ends meet.

Chinese internet users in the third quarter of this year spent nearly a third more on shopping than they did a year ago, according to research from the China Economic Information Administration (CEI), a research and analysis arm of the Communist Party.

China’s economy has been in a downward spiral since the start of the year.

The country has lost more than $2 trillion in market value, the world’s second-biggest economy is in a recession, and inflation is high.

Analysts at the China Merchants Bank have been tracking online activity for the past several months and found that China’s shopping season is on the rise.

China has had a surge in online shopping in the past few years, but it is still relatively low compared to other countries.

According to CEI data, China’s third quarter online shopping activity was $6.6 billion, up from $5.8 billion in the same period last year.

China is the second-largest country in terms of online shopping.

The increase in online spending in China was mainly driven by Chinese internet users who spend more on buying goods online than on in-person shopping, according the CEI.

This was partly because they have more disposable income and could afford to spend more, the study found.

The study did not specify how much online spending the Chinese population is spending.

However, the Chinese government has been pushing a crackdown on online shopping since last year, when it introduced an online shopping ban in a bid to clamp down on “rogue” websites.

The ban has so far only targeted online shopping, with online shopping sites and platforms shut down, but there have been reports that some Chinese online shopping companies have been operating unlicensed, unregulated websites and have been using fake names and email addresses.