Three people have died and one critically wounded in a fire at the Mothers Market in the city’s east, police say.

Key points:Firefighters and paramedics were called to the market shortly after 7:00pmLocal residents say the blaze started in the basement and spread to the roofThe blaze is now contained to the building, which is home to a variety of shops, restaurants and live entertainmentThe fire has been under control, police said on SaturdayFirefighters have been on scene since 7:30pm, but it is not yet known if the blaze has spread to neighbouring homes.

“It’s a very, very tragic incident, but we have got crews on scene in the building that has just been completely destroyed,” Inspector Kevin Tait said.

“There’s a fire in the room right next to the fire that’s in the same room that the two fires occurred in.”

The smoke is out there.

It’s quite a large area and a lot of smoke coming out of the fire.

“A neighbour told local media she had been in the shop for five minutes before she heard a loud noise, followed by a loud bang and then a thud.”

I didn’t see anything.

It was just a loud banging sound, then there was another bang and it was quite loud,” she said.

The smoke was still pouring out of a room, which was being filled with smoke and water.”

We were pretty much in shock, I think we had to leave,” she told the ABC.”

All I could see were flames, smoke, everything was black and I thought, ‘I don’t know what’s going on’.

“The next thing I saw was a fire engine on fire.”‘

I just saw a flash, bang and the smell of burning’The fire was extinguished by about 9:00am, but smoke was continuing to billow out of several rooms.

“A lady that works there said she had just been in there and had seen the smoke, but she didn’t know the cause of the flames,” Inspector Tait added.

“She said there was a bit of a haze and it had been black and the smoke had gone up.”

“They did not know exactly what the cause was but the smoke was not really going away.”‘

We are going to be OK’Residents in the market have been told to leave and emergency services have been deployed.

“People are advised to leave the area and stay inside and to stay away from the fire,” Inspector Darryn Gough told ABC radio.

“You are advised not to go out to the streets, you are advised that you are not allowed to go anywhere and it is advised to stay inside the building.”

Inspection officers have been there for some time now.”‘

This is a very tragic and terrible incident’The scene was cordoned off by police, who told residents to avoid the area.

The blaze started at a basement level and spread throughout the building to the attic, according to Inspector Gough.”

This is an extremely difficult area to control, it is a high-rise building, so we have a very high-risk approach,” he said.

Mr Gough said the blaze had started in a room in the centre of the building and spread across the floor to the entire building.

He said the fire was not threatening the building’s occupants and that there were no other fire victims.”

Our primary concern is to get the fire under control and get the building under control,” he added.

The fire service will be conducting an inquiry into the cause and circumstances of the blaze.

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