The first season of the House of Card series is now available to watch on Netflix.

The first episode will air in 2019.

The episode will be titled “Tough Guy”, and it’s a bit of a departure from the norm.

The series has always been about the dysfunctional, yet funny House of Representatives, with its main character, Frank Underwood (Kerry Washington), being the least of his problems.

The new episode will set up a couple of new plots in which Frank and his former wife, Claire Underwood, are about to have their child, while Frank is still trying to find a job.

And, as ever, Frank has to do some of the most unglamorous things possible to win his job back, and get his house back on track.

There are a few plot twists here and there, and Frank seems to have a lot of fun trying to do these things, but the core of the story is about how the House is dysfunctional, and it’ll take some time to sort out the mess.

So, yeah, it’s not the most fun season to watch.

However, there are some genuinely good episodes in the series.

The most notable one is “The Underdog” (which was the title of one of my favourite episodes of the series).

It’s about Claire, who has a lot to learn about being a woman in this world, but it’s also about Frank trying to make things right in the House.

There’s also an episode called “The Rival”, which is about Frank’s relationship with his brother-in-law, Kevin.

This is the kind of show where you can sit down and watch it in the quiet of the evening and be impressed with the performances and performances and the chemistry between the actors.

The only thing I’m not going to love about this season is the way that Claire ends up in the house after Frank has a heart attack.

It feels very forced, but she does it because she has to.

She’s a woman who’s been in a very tough place.

She can’t go home, so she has a really tough decision to make.

The house is very much in the present, and she has an obligation to try to keep her family together, but Frank doesn’t want to go back to his former life.

So there’s an episode where Claire has to decide if she wants to stay in the family, or if she has got to get out.

I was watching this season on Netflix and I was very impressed with how much fun it was to watch these characters interact.

I’m looking forward to how much the series continues to expand on this storyline.

You’ll find a lot more of this season available on Netflix when House of Capsules debuts in 2018.