There’s a growing buzz that Instagram is working on a new advertising product.

It’s called the ‘Flower Market’.

The new ad product, which launched in mid-September, has the potential to be a big hit, according to people familiar with the company.

It looks like the first step in a bigger rollout.

The new ad service, which is still in beta, is part of a broader effort to connect consumers with local and international businesses, according a person familiar with it.

It has been the focus of attention for months, as Instagram rolled out a new ad platform, Instagram Story, in the summer.

Instagram Story is now available to all users, and the company has expanded its product offerings and partnerships with brands and businesses to help reach more consumers.

The new ‘Floor’ ad product has a lot going for it, the person familiar said.

It offers Instagram a new way to reach people, it’s easy to understand and share, and it has a very different look from the previous versions of the app, which were more traditional and focused on photos and videos.

The company has been working on it for a while.

But it hasn’t launched it yet.

Instagram has said the new product will be rolled out to the public later this year.

What is the ‘floor’ product?

The new product is designed to provide Instagram with a new opportunity to reach the global market.

It also has the benefit of being more relevant to consumers who are more social and less tech savvy, according the person.

The person did not know exactly how many users will be able to access the service.

This is not Instagram’s first foray into the flowers and the flowers industry.

Last year, the company introduced a similar service, Flower Market, in partnership with flower vendors.

It was a similar product but it wasn’t as well thought out, and wasn’t available to everyone.

It was only in August that Instagram introduced the ‘Basket’ ad platform.

This platform allows users to shop for flowers and sell flowers online, and also features a shopping cart, which allows customers to add a price for each flower they want to sell.

It is not yet clear what Instagram will offer with the new ‘flower market’ service.

It could offer similar ads or ads tailored to specific types of flower, like a special section of Instagram Stories for roses, for example.

The company has also been experimenting with other advertising formats.

It has a number of apps that allow users to sell products, including the ‘Taste of Flowers’ app that allows users a list of flowers to buy, and an ‘Instant Sale’ app which allows users an unlimited amount of flowers, according

But there is no ‘Flood of Flowers’, a service that allows a user to buy a certain amount of flower flowers in a particular location.

Instagram declined to comment on those options.

What does the ‘flower market’ product offer?

The ‘flood of flowers’ service lets users purchase flowers, sell them for cash, or use the ‘taste of flowers” app to list flowers for sale.

It does not require a phone number or email address to be entered.

Users can also buy flowers directly on Instagram.

The ‘tastes of flowers app’ is similar to Instagram’s ‘Flowers for Sale’ service, but does not offer a ‘taster’ option.

It does not let users purchase a specific amount of each flower.

Users can also sell flowers directly to other Instagram users on the platform.

For example, a user could post a photo of a flower and say they want it for sale to a user in another Instagram group, which would then show up on the user’s profile.

Users would then be able click on the photo to buy the flower.