In China, there are a number of bitcoin-related marketplaces.

The biggest is known as KXW, and it’s where most people shop for digital currency, including the one on Tuesday.

That site offers both local and international bitcoin deals, and offers an estimated 1,000 bitcoin at a time.

KXw is currently undergoing a big upgrade to handle bitcoin prices.

For a time, KXWs prices were about $500 per bitcoin.

It’s been down a bit, but the site is still worth the $200 to $300 it’s charging.

“There’s a lot of people who have bought a lot, and they’re willing to pay a lot more, but they’re not sure what the price will be,” said Charlie Shrem, chief executive of CoinJar, an online marketplace for buying bitcoin.

“But with KX, they can buy it at $300.”

KX is not the only bitcoin market in China.

Some people use BitStamp, a popular bitcoin exchange, and others are willing to accept bitcoin as a payment option.

But the big bitcoin exchanges, like BTC China, have not had a major surge in bitcoin prices since the start of the year.

“A lot of Chinese traders are trading bitcoins on the spot market and are just sitting back and doing nothing,” Shrem said.

“This is not a new phenomenon, and bitcoin has been a big story in China.”