A small fish market on the south coast of New South Wales, in the state’s Pilbara region, was in the middle of a massive market-crash.

A worker from the market was knocked off his feet when he fell through a window and was dragged across the road by a truck.

“I was shocked, it was my first market crash,” Mr Fonseca said.

“It’s quite surreal to see people run through the market, but it’s quite scary.

It was very close.”

The market was on its third day of operations when Mr Forseca, who is also a fish and chip vendor, spotted a truck moving through the area.

“It was like they had been trying to sell fish, but not quite sure what they wanted to sell,” he said.

As they approached the market from opposite directions, Mr Fonsseca thought it was a car, but soon realised it was an emergency service vehicle.

Mr Fonrca said he had no idea what was happening and stopped to check the driver was alright.

He then went to the police station and made an emergency call to police, who confirmed the incident had happened and that it was the driver.

“[The driver] said he was going to call the police because he was trying to make his way to the market,” Mr Flonsecas said.