A new report from Market Research says that many moms and dads will not get the cheapest prices for their groceries if they shop for produce, vegetables and meat at mom and dad markets.

Market Research surveyed more than 600 people and found that 71 percent of the moms and 75 percent of dads said they shop at a mom and parenthood market.

Market research conducted by Market Research showed that 74 percent of moms and 82 percent of dads said they were willing to pay $0 for produce.

Market Research also found that the mothers and dads were willing for the market prices to be higher than the local grocery store prices.

Market research also found 73 percent of mom and dads said that the grocery store is the better deal for their produce and meats.

MarketResearch also found 71 percent said they would go to a grocery store with less expensive produce and meat if they had to.