The most popular and most popular items in Chinatown this weekend: The latest news from China’s capital, Beijing, and beyond, with an expert guide to the day’s events and what you need to know.


The opening of the Shanghai Market 2.

The start of a new trend in China: fashion week 3.

The rise of new Chinese brands and the rise of the Chinese internet 4.

The new Chinese leader: Xi Jinping, China’s second-in-command 5.

The best and worst parts of China’s booming economy: a look at how it’s changing 6.

Where to stay and what to do: hotels and accommodation in China 7.

Things to do in Beijing: museums, art galleries, museums of history, opera house and other museums 8.

China’s biggest-selling brand: Alibaba, Alibaba’s online shopping platform 9.

The world’s biggest online shopping market: Amazon, Amazon’s online retail service 10.

What to do when the weather turns bad: go to the beach or mountains or hike the Grand Canyon 11.

The most expensive holiday destinations in China this year: China’s most expensive destinations, ranked by cost, and how they compare to others around the world.


China has the highest number of foreign tourists per capita in the world: 24.1% 13.

China had the biggest increase in foreign visitors to the United States since 2013: 18.3% 14.

The highest number in China of Chinese tourists visiting the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Australia 15.

The biggest number of Chinese people visiting Europe and the U.S. in 2017 16.

What the world’s most popular holiday destination is in 2017: Japan, Singapore, Italy, Australia and France 17.

What China has to offer you in 2018: New York, Amsterdam, London, Milan, Amsterdam and Amsterdam 18.

How to get to Beijing from Hong Kong 19.

Chinese tourists to the U, Canada, the U and Europe in 2018 20.

Chinese-American students who are considering going to college in China 21.

How much Chinese money is in Hong Kong 22.

What’s the biggest threat to Chinese tourism to the UK?


What happens when a Chinese student leaves China and what they can do to protect themselves 24.

What you can do in Shanghai, Beijing and elsewhere to avoid China’s economy 25.

Chinese expats in the US, Canada and Australia: what’s going on there and what are the implications for them 26.

Chinese and British students attending the same university: what you can expect in terms of access and how much you’ll be paid 27.

Why Chinese people are leaving the US for the US: why is the country a magnet for expats?


How you can make the most of a China trip in 2019 29.

The top 10 travel scams in China in 2019: the top 10, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization 30.

What your Chinese friends are saying about your trip in 2018 31.

What Chinese tourists are saying in 2018 about their trip to the US?


How Chinese people travel to Europe in 2019.


The Top 10 most popular Chinese restaurants in Europe, based on the number of visits they made in 2018.


How many Chinese students are coming to Europe to study?


What are the top Chinese-Canadian festivals in 2018?


What is China’s ‘Chinese Dream’ and what is the difference between it and other Asian dreams?


What can you do in China during the Lunar New Year holidays?


What else are Chinese people saying about their trips to the States?


What should you do to make a better Chinese holiday experience?


The World Bank’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in 2018, based in part on the risk of attacks in 2017.


How does China compare with the UK, the US and Australia in terms, for example, of terrorism and cyber crime?


How do you find the best Chinese restaurants?


What happened to the British embassy in China?


What did Xi Jinping say about the Chinese economy and how does it compare with others?


Why did China’s government decide to take over the Chinese assets of American banks?


What was the first time you heard the phrase “China is the most popular country in the World” in 2017?


What do you think about the ‘Golden Gate Bridge’, the longest bridge in the Western Hemisphere?


What does the ‘China Dream’ mean to you?


What other famous landmarks in China are in decline?


How would you rate the health of the world today, based solely on your personal experiences?


Which Asian country has the most crime in 2017, according a survey by Amnesty International?


Why are people coming to China to study in the first place?


How about the weather?


What kind of food do Chinese people prefer?


What has the Chinese government said about the Olympics?


How can you travel to China in