The stock market is much more than just a market.

It’s a platform to generate growth, and that means investing in the underlying fundamentals that are driving the market.

We’ll discuss how to buy stocks, the fundamentals behind the stock markets and how to invest in the future.

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The Wall Street Journal: The Dow is still up, but it’s not nearly as high as it was last week.

The Dow now is up 2.3 percent, to 21,837, the biggest gain since the beginning of September. 

According to FactSet, the S&P 500 is up 8.3% this week, and the Nasdaq is up 1.7%. 

The S&ap, +0.04% is up 0.3%, and the Dow is up 3.4%. 

 The market is also down slightly from the highs of the last week, with the Nasd up 0